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  • Seungho (about his ''Smoky Girl''): “A smoky girl is a ‘Seung-Ho-key’ girl. She’s a girl who holds the key to Seung Ho’s heart.”
  • Mir: “He should’ve gone to Harvard with that brain.”
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I would just like to ask SM fans a favor, I know you may be against Infinite, Tasty and/or Nell’s presence at SMTOWN Concerts, but don’t do things like the Black Ocean or something. Because no artist should ever perform for a cheerless crowd, specially if the reason why the crowd is upset is out of their reach. Every idol group, regardless of the company, works their a**** off so they don’t deserve to be hated by something they had no participation in.




I’m saying this as an SM fan because I know that SM fandoms in particular can go a little overboard at times. Let’s just show that we are civilized and not throw the rocks to the wrong people.


I’m an SM fan too and I agree with this. Support all the idols. Every one works their hearts out, so be kind and welcoming.

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